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Hire the best. One can download information. One cannot download expertise.

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Hire the best. One can download information. One cannot download expertise.



No matter what the circumstances, the decision to buy or sell a home is one with major stakes, both financially and emotionally. The average person will only complete a few real estate transactions in an entire lifetime, one of which will be that person’s largest financial move ever. That’s why Erin Benford takes pride in providing the best in client education. With Erin’s experience in education and marketing, and son Joel’s assistance, the Benfords are the perfect team to help you make informed real estate decisions,whether you are buying or selling your own home, or purchasing residential property for investment.

Information can be downloaded, expertise cannot. Hire the Benfords for their expertise and negotiating skills in residential real estate.

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Your Silicon Valley REALTOR® Market Update
May 2022by Erin Benford

Inventory is growing, rates are up a bit, though historically low, and buyers are still buying. This is a hot time to be selling.

Look at these stats. The MEDIAN Santa Clara County house price hit $1.95m in April, and the MEDIAN for townhouses/condos went over a million to $1.04m.

If you are thinking about moving away, this is a good time to be selling. If you are thinking about buying up, this is also a good time, because you can take your increased equity to the new house.

If you are over 55, and want to move to anywhere in California, you can take your old property tax to the new house, unless you buy a home with a lower property tax, then you won’t need to take it. There are rules, of course, and I can point you to them.

Take a look at the rest of the latest Santa Clara County sales statistics for the past month:

Latest Single Family Statistics

Latest Townhouse/Condo Statistics

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Did you know that I can also show you NEW CONSTRUCTION, MODULAR HOMES, and MOBILE HOMES?

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One can download information from the internet; but, one cannot download expertise. We look for the red flags and negotiate for a living. Hire the experts. We will tell you the truth.

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