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A few words before you click…

We have a choice about how to serve our clients and have decided to refer you to This site is not overloaded with advertising and is simple and fast. Many agent web sites provide “imbedded” search tools providing the information in a frame within the agent’s site. There are many Internet Data Exchange MLS services that charge hundreds of dollars for setup and expensive monthly fees. Why would a site do this? To keep the client within their site so as not to provide any agent searches that public MLS listings offer. This is a money sucking racket!

So, we’ve decided to refer you to a good site that we think you’ll be happy with and have set it up to open in a separate window. We just ask that you avoid the agent search tools and come back to us because the Benford Team is the BEST!

Oh, one more thing… Although Public MLS searches can provide the client with an idea of what is available, they are notorious for showing out of date or incomplete information. There is no substitute for a Realtor’s area expertise who has access to more complete and recent MLS data, not to mention listings that are not yet on the MLS. We pay for our own MLS database access login accounts that can provide additional, more accurate, and timely information. So, if you find something interesting (or can’t find it) please give us a call or email us so we can help you with up to date information.

Happy hunting…